August, 28th Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Accepted Papers

User Experience and Social Attribution for an Embodied Spoken Dialog System
Benjamin Weiss and Simon Willkomm

The Effect of Variations in Emotional Expressiveness on Social Support
Janneke Van Der Zwaan, Virginia Dignum and Catholijn Jonker

Feel Connected with Social Actors in Public Spaces
Mathias Funk, Duy Le and Jun Hu             

Social Agency in an Interactive Training System
Norbert Reithinger and Ben Hennig

A crowdsourcing toolbox for a user-perception based design of social virtual actors
Magalie Ochs, Brian Ravenet and Catherine Pelachaud

The Intentional Interface
Peter Wallis

Socially Adaptive Electronic Partners for Socio-geographical Support
Abdullah Kayal, M. Birna Van Riemsdijk, Willem-Paul Brinkman and Mark Neerincx

Taking Things at Face Value: How Stance Informs Politeness of Virtual Agents
Jeroen Linssen, MariĆ«t Theune and Dirk Heylen

Capturing the Obvious - an iterative approach to enculturing artificial agents
Peter Wallis and Bruce Edmonds